NJ Moderate Party Update

Dear Friends of the New Jersey Moderate Party,


We have lots of exciting news regarding our efforts to re-legalize fusion voting in New Jersey.

First, as you probably know, last year we filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey seeking to re-legalize fusion voting.  After dragging their heels for months, the State’s Attorney General and the New Jersey Republican Party filed motions in March to dismiss our lawsuit.  In May, the Court summarily denied those motions.  As a result, our case is proceeding. (Here is a link to the legal papers we filed, together with our co-plaintiffs. It’s a great read for fans of democracy.)

Second, we were thrilled to see former Governor Christine Todd Whitman and former U.S. Senate Robert Torricelli team up in a Star-Ledger op-ed to support the New Jersey Moderate Party’s effort to re-legalize fusion voting in the Garden State: “Bringing back fusion would strengthen the center of American politics. Otherwise we’re trapped in a badly-designed game that is now driving our country towards a cliff.”  The bipartisan duo write that the case is probably heading to the New Jersey Supreme Court. They note that if we prevail, it “has the potential to break (the) cycle of hyper-partisan polarization.”

Third, in an editorial, the Star-Ledger supported our effort to re-legalize fusion voting.  The paper wrote: “[T]here is optimism for meaningful changes in our polarized election process with a lawsuit filed by the Moderate Party, which seeks to overturn New Jersey’s ban on allowing the name of a single candidate to appear on the same ballot under multiple party lines – a system known as fusion voting.”

Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that our case will be decided by the court in time for us to nominate, for the November 2023 election, under the Moderate Party ballot line, moderate candidates who are also on the ballot as a Republican or Democrat.  

Nonetheless, anticipating a successful outcome of our lawsuit, we prepared a candidate endorsement questionnaire that articulates the values of the New Jersey Moderate Party.  Although we will not be soliciting responses to the questionnaire in connection with the 2023 election, we expect to utilize the questionnaire in 2024 to identify and support “moderate” candidates, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.  Viable candidates who will restore civility to the political process, and protect American democracy. 

We are optimistic that the New Jersey Moderate Party will play a vital role in the 2024 election cycle, and beyond.  When voters disenchanted with the extreme wings of the major parties exercise their constitutional rights to come together, we will provide incentives for candidates to avoid the destructive polarization that threatens our state and country.

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